Jean Kittson with The Mimi hand fan on the cover of her book "You're Still Hot to Me."
Jean Kittson with the Mimi Hand Fan on the cover of her book 'You're still hot to me' 

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Jean Kittson in the Womens Weekly with Julijana Joseph hand fan! 

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Rediscover the forgotten accessory...

The Julijana Joseph Designer Hand Fan premiere collection consists of 18 different designs: including classic, contemporary and modern designs, and everything from animal prints to floral motifs. There are styles to suit everyone and for any occasion. Each design is named after an inspirational friend or relative of Julijana’s.

The fans are made from high-quality Oxford Cloth (cotton/poly), with a painted cherry wood timber frame. Each fan is beautifully boxed in a striking yellow and black box with designer sleeve. It also comes with a black drawstring pouch made from soft spandex, to protect your fan when not in use in your bag or drawer, or allows you to slip it over your wrist keeping hands free.

‘Australia’s climate, our outdoor lifestyle, means we are often in need of something to cool us down – at the barbecue, picnic or garden party,’ said Julijana. ‘Even at the races, tennis or cricket – or at an concert indoor or outdoor – where that little breeze makes us just a little bit more comfortable.’

It’s a cool look to carry a stylish fan and the Julijana Joseph range offers enough choices to perfectly co-ordinate with any outfit. Now you can look stylish and stay cool, even in the hottest weather.

Experiencing a hot summer’s day at a barbecue, Sydney woman Julijana Trifunovic realised a hand fan is an essential accessory for Australian women. On that day, she had grabbed a magazine to fan herself and then wondered if a stylish fashion choice was available in shops at all.

After much research, Julijana could not find anything on offer; especially of good quality. She’s now changed that. Julijana has launched a fashionable, chic and cheeky range of high quality hand fans. So now, ready for summer outings, is the Julijana Joseph Designer Hand Fan range.

Julijana Joseph Designer Hand Fans retail for $49 and are currently available online at

For more information, contact Julijana Trifunovic on 0417 495 843 or email enquiries to

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